Women's Circles

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Supercharge your life with the energy of sisterhood

Just imagine connecting with other beautiful like minded women on a weekly and daily basis.

It will be your time to disconnect from the everyday stressors of life and connect into what really matters for you, completely transforming into the most alive, confident, radiant filled version of yourself. 

You’ll be connecting and bonding with a group of other heart centred, soulful women, while immersing yourself in self care-practices, and rituals with me.

Amazing things happen when connect with other women. There is an inner power that is born in each and every one of us. It's like the layers are peeled away to reveal the true beauty. 

Sitting in circle is an ancient practices and beautiful way to share our wisdom, hold space, share our experiences, bond and connect. It is a potent and powerful experience that unites us as one.

Sitting in circle with other women will bring you home to your body, giving you an embodied sense of self, so that you can live congruently from your heart and embrace what really matters to you in the safety of a tribe of women. 

I am passionate about sharing the very practices that helped me to transform my life.  I love seeing a women open and expand into the fullest expression of herself and radiating an inner confidence and inner knowing of who she is. 

 It's an honour to serve you in this space. To support you in your unfoldment and discovery of love and light within you.

"I attended a beautiful womens circle with Liz, I felt safe and able to express all of my inner women for anyone that feels called to do this I highly recommend it." Emma Mildenhall

What is a women's circle?

For eons of time, since the dawn of civilisation we have gathered in circles around a fire. We would gather with our mothers, sisters, daughters and grandmothers. We would share our wisdom, hold space, share our experiences, bond and connect. A women's circle is an intimate gathering where we learn new ways of speaking, listening and relating to one another.  

Over time, this tradition has been lost. And so now we are more seperate than ever. This means we have also disconnected from part of our womanhood, what makes us powerful beings. I believe that we are all starving for deep, raw and authentic connection where we are held and it is safe to be true. 

The stressors and the pressures of the outside world are put on pause and we have an opportunity to become witness to our own needs and fill our cups with the connection shared with other women. Once the circle is formed it becomes a safe place for truth telling, healing and transformation. When we come into this space we acknowledge and welcome each other just as we are. 

About your host?

As I mentioned earlier it's an honour to serve you in this space. To support you in your unfoldment and discovery of love and light within you.
My name is Liz Wensing.
I have been preparing and journeying deep for many lifetimes to serve in this way.

The journey has been real. The journey has been raw.
It has been a peeling back process, an undoing of everything that I am not to meet myself in the very truth of who I am. And that truth is LOVE. To give love, to receive love, to emanate and vibrate as LOVE.
My gift is my inner power and inner strength to journey through life fiercely and boldly, expressing my deepest truth and creating space and opportunity for others to do the same.
It is my divine mission and purpose to hold a space with integrity and authenticity.
If you would like to ask me questions or connect I love having soulful and connected conversations or if you are having difficulty with something in your life please reach out. 

What happens in a women's circle? I am a bit nervous...

I was so nervous going to my first women's circle. I had no idea what to expect. I thought it might be a bit a bit witchy with chanting and dancing. There are plenty of circles that are that, but this one is a gentle but powerful introduction to a women's circle.

It's up to you to share and participate as much or as little as you feel. Your boundaries and desires are integral to you feeling safe and will be respected. There is no pressure for you to do anything that you are not comfortable with and please speak up and say no when necessary. 

There will be plenty of opportunity for you to share and connect with the other women if you wish.

Master the Art of Loving Yourself

Radical self-love is the most potent elixir and medicine on earth. Love yourself fiercely and the world will love you back.  

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Join the tribe!

When women connect with other women amazing things happen. Sharing our knowledge and personal experiences is key to paving the path for other women to do the same so that we can step up and be the fullest expression of ourselves.  

You can have you're own tribe of free spirited, heart centred, creatively inspired women right here. We are waiting to welcome you!

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