She Series

She Shines

She Shines

She shines brighter than any star.

She just shines

Her light is the light of her soul

Her soul is the soul of the universe; expressed through her as her

She radiates with openness, taking any darkness into her heart and transforming it into love

That is her power. Her gift

To shine as bright as she is

She emanates; emit's light

Her love is as fierce as the suns ray

She lifts her chin radiating defiance

Standing in her magnificence

A warrior of love

In all her glory; the darkness, the light, the mess, the chaos, the beauty, the sadness, the torment, the heart ache, the love, the shadow, the ego, the triumphs, the kindness, the humility,

Bowing down to death

Born new once again

Celebrating the totality of her existence as all that is true

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