She Embraces

She Embraces

She embraces the good, the bad and the ugly

She's been good

 She's been bad and 

She's has been ugly

The value each brings is equal

There is no difference

She knows this now

She knows

There is no need to seperate or hierarchy any experience

The beauty exists in all

When she drops attachment to the story

All that's left is a feeling or emotion

A divine human experience 

She let's it flow 

It moves through her

Like a tiger 

Roaring from the depths


Claws out 

No holding back






She embraces the good the bad and the ugly

She sits's in her own pain 

She holds herself

Feeling it all. Loving it all 

Experiencing the divinity in it all

Feeling all that it

The divinity that exists in everything

She Embraces 

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