Embrace Your Feminine

She believed she could – So she did!

Empowered Feminine

She believed she could - so she did!


She did not need permission. She was no longer seeking approval. She was no longer afraid of what others would think.


She found her strength and power. Her roots were grounded firm into the earth. Her love for herself was fierce.


She had a vision.


She had a dream.


She had a message that she knew needed to be heard.


She discovered what her idea of success was.


She wanted it.


She knew she was worthy of it.


She believed she could make it happen - so she did!


She came into being. She found her voice, her uniqueness, her way of living. It was nobody else's.


She created a life full of abundance, creativity, freedom, love and expression.


She loved it. Everyday.


So many told her not to. They told her to do what was easy, what was safe and what offered her security. They told her to stay within her comfort zone. Not to venture outside of her safe zone for fear she might fall.


She was grateful she didn't follow the crowd.


"The choice to merely exist or truly live is always yours"

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