Women's online transformation Course

Women's online transformation course for women who are ready to embrace their creativity, connect to what is meaningful to them and make empowered and authentic choices. 

Come home to your body, live congruently from your heart, embody a profound sense of self and embrace what really matters to you.

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Take a step into the unknown, put your needs first, overcome the overwhelm and disconnection and makes the changes a reality. 

Just imagine connecting with other beautiful like minded women on a weekly and daily basis.

It will be your time to disconnect from the everyday stressors of life and connect into what really matters for you, completely transforming into the most alive, confident, radiant filled version of yourself. 

You’ll be connecting and bonding with a group of other heart centred, soulful women, while immersing yourself in self care-practices with me.

Using feminine embodiment, empowerment and health and wellness ​​​​practices you’ll learn new skills to live creatively and confidently.  You’ll walk away with a tool kit of practices that you will have for the rest of your life.

These practices will bring you home to your body, giving you an embodied sense of self, so that you can live congruently from your heart and embrace what really matters to you.

I am passionate about sharing the very practices that helped me to transform my life.  I love seeing a women open and expand into the fullest expression of herself and radiating an inner confidence and inner knowing of who she is.


"I attended a beautiful womens circle with Liz, I felt safe and able to express all of my inner women for anyone that feels called to do this I highly recommend it." Emma Mildenhall

Who is Liz Wensing? 

Liz works with women who are ready to learn more about themselves and are keen to take inspired action to pave the way for a life they love not just wake up everyday and live.  Liz is passionate about creating opportunities for women to learn and grow, so they can become the fullest expression of themselves, however that looks for them.  She encourages them by providing  a safe space to express truthfully to her and of course themselves, shining a light on parts that perhaps have never been seen.  It's in this process that a women can begin to heal and connect to her true value. 

Liz  is a free spirited,  and heart centred soul. She is most connected to herself when she is being creative and expressing herself freely.   She is invested in continual growth and learning and living a life with meaning and purpose.  

Liz's experience in coaching is vast  and varied. She has spent many years working and studying in health and wellness. Apart from her formal qualifications and educations (BHSc in health promotion and exercise science and a diploma of fitness) her experience has also come from life itself.  After many years of feeling lost, confused and disconnected from herself and her life she learnt that she wasn't living in a way that was authentic to her. This lead her to discover the value in holistic health and alternate therapies, where she went on to study reiki, yoga, tantra and intimate relating. It was through this work that she learnt about the parts of herself that were holding her back from doing what felt right and made her feel inspired everyday.  So she ditched the old ways and created new ways of living and relating integrated all her studies and learning in to a life that inspires her and she can't wait to share her secretes with you.  

Master the Art of Loving Yourself

Radical self-love is the most potent elixir and medicine on earth. Love yourself fiercely and the world will love you back.  

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Join the tribe!

When women connect with other women amazing things happen. Sharing our knowledge and personal experiences is key to paving the path for other women to do the same so that we can step up and be the fullest expression of ourselves.  

You can have you're own tribe of free spirited, heart centred, creatively inspired women right here. We are waiting to welcome you!

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