Private Session With Liz

For women ready to beak free from mundane and start living a wildly authentic and sensual life

This is for you if....

  • You have been on the spiritual path for a while now and you are ready to break free from the mundane and deepen your connection to your wild, chaotic, sensual self and embody your feminine. 
  • Habitually carrying tension and tightness in your body and desire to move more freely with confidence.  
  • Feeling like you are in a GO GO forward moving energy, always pushing, striving and forcing, spending more time in your head than you would like.  
  • You deeply crave to connect to your intuition, doing life in a way that is genuinely unique to your own natural flow and rhythm. 
  • You have a desire to connect to your deepest soul truth but don't know how.
  • You are ready to turn up the volume on your practice and take your life to a whole new level. 
  • Feeling confused and lost, lacking direction and clarity and crave more purpose and fulfilment in your life. 

You are ready to come home to your body & to your heart

"Liz is a warm and enthusiastic mentor. She clearly and patiently worked with me throughout our session. I love the way she held space for both deep inner work and practical tips to help with my concerns. She combined the freedom and flow of women connecting on a deep spiritual level with the intention and purpose of setting concrete plans in place for me. I feel confident that with her advice I can work on the underlying beliefs that hold me back and also take the next steps to my goals. I really appreciate the follow up after our session, she checked in on how I felt and sent an email with a detailed summary of what we had worked through. Thanks for a session full of laughter and wonderful advice." Alysia

I hold space and provide tools and the results can include:

  • Feeling lighter immediately, moving through your day with greater ease.
  • A deeper understanding that your body is the gateway to soul-held beliefs and emotions.
  • Feeling greater confidence to connect with your body and to express your wild, radiant, sensual self.
  • A deeper connection and relationship with the feminine and masculine within you and how these energies influence your health and wellbeing.
  • A greater ability to discern what is and isn't right for you. Embodying 'NO' as a complete sentence. 
  • Moving your body freely, allowing pleasure to be experienced.
  • A deeper and more personal intimate relationship with yourself and the divine during + after the session.
  • Feeling grounded and whole, and equipped to integrate and navigate these changes in the real world. 

*Sessions held online

"Liz was calm, patient and made helpful suggestions to facilitate our session. Liz is such a natural, warm, articulate human being she put me at ease immediately. Liz took me on a journey that was both revealing and nurturing. I was challenged to seek my deepest truths but always supported by her skilled guidance and suggestions.She held the space for me as I struggled at times to open up and embrace some uncomfortable aspects of myself. She was accepting and non-judgemental so that I could be as well. She offered helpful practices that would allow me to continue to explore the boundaries and merging of my feminine and masculine energies.  I now understand better how to recognise and embrace these aspects of my whole self. Liz is a wonderful resource and support for women and is doing important work. If you are searching for ways to come home and reconnect with your self in a gentle yet empowering way then I encourage you to contact Liz." Katrina

It's an honour and a pleasure to work with you

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