Embrace Your Feminine

Inner Woman

Inner Woman

When a women spends time connecting with her heart, her womb and body she meets her inner woman.


The inner women is one who knows; she knows herself, she knows what she wants, she knows to listen to her intuition.


The inner women is in tune with her hearts desires and knows how to connect with her body. She is soft, gentle, loving and nurturing with herself. She is fierce and determined.


She centres herself by connecting to her womb, she grounds down by moving her body and feeling into the rhythm.


The inner woman also knows how to be free, to let loose and let her hair down. She has a wild side. A sensual side. A daring side. She is untamed and free. She channels her chaos with creativity. She dances, she sings, she howls, she moves, she shakes, she laughs, she cries and she gets angry.


The inner woman knows that she needs other women, she knows she needs a tribe, she knows that she is stronger when she connects with other women.


The inner woman knows to go inwards. To be still, to be silent, to be alone is where she will meet her inner woman.


For the inner woman already is, that which she seeks.


Her self.

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