How to make your break up the best day ever!

How to make your break up the best day ever! 

That’s right. ​​​​You heard me. It’s absolutely possible to make your relationship ending the best day ever. And... I am going to tell you how.

I never thought I’d say that my break up was the best thing that ever happened to me. But the truth is, it was the best day.

I look back at the day it ended and bow down in complete gratitude that my relationship ended. I hear ya... you're thinking, "Why would I be happy that the person I loved had just left my life? What is there to love about about that?" 

I know saying good bye to someone special is a tough thing. BUT... it can also be a blessing and a new opportunity.  What if letting that person go was the very thing that brought in so many other things that make you feel alive and inspired everyday, or what if that meant doing things that you never thought would be possible! 

I look at where I am now, compared to where I would be if I had stayed in that relationship.  And...WOW! If I was still in that relationship my life would have been...oh, so boring AND perhaps I wouldn't be so wise or full of life.

TRUTH: Some relationships are not meant to last. They come into our life to challenge us, to push us and to transform us and to teach us a lesson. 

TRUTH: Some relationships can hinder us if we stay too long.  They are nice, comfortable and easy. Great! But, we are half the person we would be if we stay. It's time to let go! 

TRUTH: Mediocre is never fun. Got someone half ass showing up to the relationship. Here's something you might like to know: Unless both parties are fully in, both people are 100% invested and showing up there is no relationship. The relationship only exists if two people are dancing to the music. Otherwise it's not a relationship, it's just something thats creating drama and tension in your life. Ditch it fast!  I am not saying never talk to that person again, No. It's about saying come back when you have travelled your journey and learnt your lessons. 

The opportunities and possibilities  that came as a result of my break up has meant that I have travelled the world, learnt lessons, studied everything I wanted, and created the business and lifestyle that makes me happy.  


And... the good news is that you can do the same.


You can also make you relationship ending the best day ever.


I will share with you how you can take the sting and burn out of your post relationship blues and turn that frown upside down.


I have four mega life changing tips that YOU can do to make sure that you don’t end up in a heart-breaking, gut wrenching break-up ever again.  Say good-bye to the tissue box and Netflix and get ready to say HELLO WORLD with fresh new eyes.  


The Lesson:

Take a closer look at the lesson the relationship has taught you.  No relationship ending ever means you’ve failed or you’re not capable of loving. Sometimes these relationships come knocking to show you all the parts of yourself that need attention.  If you can put your ego aside for a second and take a closer look, you too can see the divinity in the relationship ending.   What I learnt from that day was that I was lost in the pursuit of love. A love that I could not find from another but only a love that I could find within myself.  What I discovered was that the love comes only when you align yourself fully with the things that light you up and bring meaning to your life.   What a lesson hey!   Imagine if that lesson never came. A life would have passed me by and I wouldn’t have ever known the true meaning of happiness.   

It takes two to tango:

Once you’ve spent some time getting curious and reflecting on the relationship take a closer look at the parts that were your responsibility.  Don't ever assume that the other person was the only willing participant in the relationship, you were too. 


What parts are yours and what can you learn about yourself?

Creating a relationship that you love, with the person that you love is about being accountable and responsible for yourself.  


Forgiveness is often something we associate with the other person. We often think that if someone has done something that wasn't so good that we need to forgive them for their wrong doing. Let's spin this around and think about forgiveness from another perspective.  

Forgiveness is about forgiving yourself for the situation that's showing up in your life.  Forgive yourself for your part in the relationship (we agreed that we would be accountable right?!)

Once you've spent time forgiving yourself then spend time forgiving the other person. Forgive them so that you can release them, not for what you think they did they wrong or could have done differently in the relationship.  This is a biggy. We often think the other person is to blame but if we look closer at it, if you think the other person could have shown up differently the only thing getting in your way is your expectation of that person, not what they did or who they are. 

Reclaim your life: 

This part is my fav.  It's the most fun.  This is the part where you get to reclaim and recreate who you are.   Let go of the story, let go of what role that relationship played in your life.  It's about taking what you learnt, how it's shaped you, changed you and transformed you and going out into your life with a fresh perspective, new energy and an open heart.  It's about taking time for you, making you the priority again and spending time connecting to what bring meaning and purpose to your life.  Go after all the the things that light your soul on fire and bring energy to your day.  Spend time dancing in park and listening to inspiring music. Eat delicious food and find ways to meet new people.  Reclaim and recreate your life.  You're free and you know it!

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