Feminine | Rage | Power


I am a woman

I bleed truth from my womb

The grief from one thousand years passed lingers in my body and pours from my cells

I cry the pains of the women who walked this earth before me

Who paved the path for your freedom

Our love gave you comfort

Our hearts gave you a home

Our womb gave you life

But your fucking disregard has left us broken and ashamed

Silenced and hurt

Now, my voice speaks

"I am an expression of the God within, I am an expression of the God within, hear me cry, hear me cry"

I scream my power back into my body

I throw my arms in the air I shake my legs

The anger pulses from my heart to my fists

I was born again to run havoc on this world

I was born again to reclaim what has always been mine

I was born again to release the fury from within

I came back to unleash my fucking feminine power, to pierce through the lies and crack you open until you bleed nothing but the truth

I am whole

I am whole

I am holy

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