Workshops & Retreats

Embodied Leadership - An immersive retreat for spirited women ready to explore feminine leadership in a new way.

Date: Friday 19 Oct 2pm - Sunday 21 Oct 3pm 

Venue:  Wee Jasper, NSW

Tickets: Early Bird out now - Click here

Hosted By: Liz Wensing & Liz Tilley

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The Self-Love Movement - Events

A safe space for women to be empowered, inspired and supported. You are welcome just the way YOU are. No judgement. No rules. Just YOU. Just LOVE. Come and experience BEING who YOU truly are with The Self-Love Movement. 

Date: Saturday 27 June 8am to 10am

Venue:  Elk & Pea, Braddon ACT

Tickets: Click here

Hosted By: Liz Wensing, Ambassador for Canberra

About your host?

My name is Liz Wensing. 

I'm here to guide you to embrace your full expression.  So that, you can be your wild, sensual and radiant self with confidence and grace. 

I am an embodied woman.  It has not always been this way.  For a long time I lived disembodied and numb.  It has been a peeling back process, an undoing of everything that I am not to meet myself in the very truth of who I am. And that truth is expression and creation.   

My gift is my inner power and strength to journey through life fiercely and boldly, expressing my deepest truth and creating space and opportunity for others to do the same.  It is my divine mission and purpose to give space to the full expression of the feminine within and around me, grounding and integrating new and innovative ways of being in this world.  I endeavour to hold a space with integrity and authenticity as we navigate the journey together.  


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