Empowerment and Transformation Coaching 

...for women who are ready to embrace their creativity, connect to what is meaningful to them and make empowered and authentic choices.

Do you feel like your life is full of 'STUFF'...it's super jam packed with tasks and responsibilities. Sometimes you run around like a wild animal feeling out of control. 

You love your life and your family but sometimes you wish there was an off button. 


You often crave time out for yourself, but when you finally get it the guilt and the panic creeps in and so you return to your to do list in fear that it might not get done.


You have days where you get a glimmer of time where you feel relaxed and connected to something that makes you feel alive and inspired.

But... it never stays. Soon your to do list consumes you again, you're stuck in 'doing mode' and have no idea how to make time for the things that make you feel good or what you need to connect to your inspiration everyday.

Deep down below the external noise you feel LOST and sometimes you ask yourself 'what am I offering, what do I have to bring to the world?'. You have an inner knowing there is more but you don't know what that is or what you need to connect to it.  All you know is that your inner voice is screaming at you to express yourself. You know that when you do express yourself you feel good. It calms you down and you feel connected to your inspiration.  

What if you could connect to that feeling all the time? What if you could create a way of living where your inspiration and what makes you feel good are part of you and your life everyday? 

And... as a result you feel good, your family feels good, and your life flows. 

Where you feel vibrant, alive, energised and inspired because you're connected to what brings you meaning and purpose. You no longer feel lost. You know why you are here and you can confidently express your needs and wants and make time for you, whilst also getting your to do list done.  

I just want you to know...

It's absolutely possible to create a life that works for you, where you can establish practices and ways of living that you can integrate  into your life in a way that is totally unique to you and your lifestyle, so that you can connect to what brings you meaning and purpose. You can cut out the chaos and the drama and equip yourself with practices and skills that you can use daily to maintain your balance and manage your life

Does this sound like you? Are you ready to choose you and make lasting changes in your life?


It's time to take a step into the unknown, put your needs first, overcome the overwhelm and disconnection and makes the changes a reality. .

You can find out more by watching the video below. 

Empowerment and transformation coaching for women who are curious, ready to embrace their creativity, connect to what is meaningful to them and make empowered and authentic choices.  

I help women dissolve the fears and resistances that are keeping them stuck so they can, expand and grow into the fullest expression of themselves. 

This work is powerful and transformational.  You'll develop a deep connection to your internal guidance, bringing an understanding about how to ask for what you want and need. You'll learn how to express and communicate in a way that feels authentic and true to you, allowing you to bring in more love, connection, pleasure and play into your life. 

You'll be held in a safe space and you will feel heard and seen, allowing you to feel comfortable to share, express and learn. 

Connect to your creativity, your innate power and sense of self, embrace your feminine, stand in your power, make empowered choices and create a life you love. 

And...remember that tomorrow when you wake up feeling the overwhelm and confusion, that you have the power to choose another way.

"As children we found ways to protect ourselves from vulnerability, from being hurt, diminished, and disappointed. We put on armour; we used our thoughts, emotions, and behaviours as weapons; and we learned how to make ourselves scares, even to disappear. Now as adults we realise that to live with courage, purpose, and connection - to be the person whom we long to be - we must again be vulnerable. We must take off the armour, put down the weapons, show up, and let ourselves be seen." Brene Brown


The choice to merely exist or truly live is always yours. 
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"I wasn't sure what to expect when I first spoke with Liz. There were moments where I was surprised at her ability to help me discover things about myself that I was doing (or not doing) that were causing me to feel disconnected. After speaking with me and taking the time to understand the space I was in, she showed me strategic ways that I could improve what I was lacking in my life. I felt supported and super inspired by her. She's absolutely worth it, I'm so happy to know that many other women will find their beautiful truths through working with gem."

Kimee Anderson

Who is Liz Wensing?

Hi I am Liz Wensing. I work with women who feel lost and overwhelmed. I guide them on a journey to reconnect to what is meaningful  to them so they can live inspired and empowered everyday.   I am passionate about creating opportunities for women to learn and grow, so they can become the fullest expression of themselves, however that looks for them.  

My experience in coaching is vast  and varied. I spent many years working and studying in health and wellness. Apart from my formal qualifications and educations (BHSc in health promotion and exercise science and a diploma of fitness) my experience has also come from life itself.  After many years of feeling lost, confused and disconnected from myself and life I learnt that I wasn't living in a way that was authentic to me. This lead me to discover the value in holistic health and alternate therapies, where I went on to study reiki, yoga, tantra and intimate relating . It was through this work that I learnt about the parts of myself that were holding me back from doing what felt right and living inspired everyday.  So I ditched the old ways and created new ways of living and relating integrating all my studies & life experiences into a life that inspires me and I can't wait to share my secretes with you.

"Liz is someone you meet and can't help but be drawn to. Her energy radiates with healing notes that allow you to open up and feel at peace in her presence. As soon as I walked into her space I felt a calmness come over my body. I felt a beautiful sense of love for not only myself but for Liz, she allowed me to express my emotions in a safe and comforting environment. What an incredible experience, one I will never forget."

Kate Rial

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When women connect with other women amazing things happen. Sharing our knowledge and personal experiences is key to paving the path for other women to do the same so that we can step up and be the fullest expression of ourselves.  

You can have you're own tribe of free spirited, heart centred, creatively inspired women right here. We are waiting to welcome you!

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