Being Messy is Ok

Being messy is ok

Being sad is ok
Being messy is ok
Being confused is ok
Being indecisive is ok
Being angry is ok
Being depressed is ok
Being emotional is ok
Being unsure is ok
Being up and down is ok
All of it is ok

We often feel this pressure that when we feel all these squirmy not so comfortable emotions that we are doing something wrong or that what we are experiencing is wrong. 

All emotions are valid and necessary.

Why do we spend so much time criticising and judging ourselves and others for their dark times? 

We can't experience the 'light', the 'positive', 'joy' until we really know and experience the dark; the 'sad', the 'depressing, 'the uncomfortable'.

To walk an empowered path is to know both.

Once you know both, you open yourself to a deep appreciation and gratitude deeper than you have ever experienced before. 

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