Hey there, Beautiful!

Welcome! I'm Liz Wensing. I am a free spirited, heart centred, creatively inspired soul.

I know what it’s like to feel lost and confused and completely disconnected from a life where you wake up every day and you live it but you don’t love it. I’ve been there too. Where you have this deep inner knowing that there is more to life and that there must be an easier way to live.

I’ve felt suffocated and like there is no where for me to express.  I’ve been stuck in paralysing overwhelm, self-doubt and self-sabotage, not knowing how to get myself out.  I’ve felt alone on the journey.

I also know the magic that comes from having support and for taking a step towards change. I know what comes as a result of taking a leap of faith into the unknown.​​​​​

The joy and ecstatic bliss of making break through's and seeing results.  

Waking up every day knowing that I have what I need to live a life I love. Where I feel connected to what I am passionate about.  I feel connected to my body and I feel connected to my purpose.

I know what it feels like to finally let go and to embrace my confidence, to step through the fear and the doubt and the uncertainty and believe in myself.

I know the magic and the beauty that shines when you finally accept the beauty that YOU already are and when you let yourself acknowledge that. ​​​​

I know because I was you once.  That’s why I am here. To connect with you.

I am here to support you on your journey. I am here to guide you towards what you need to feel connected to who you are.  I am here to guide you towards a life you love.

What brought me here?

I grew up wanting to be a dancer.  I loved the freedom it gave me to express and to create.  At the age of 8 I remember nagging my mum to take me to a dance school. I loved it. I owned it. I was in my happy place.  I loved the feeling I got from performing on stage.  I could express myself and be creative. 

Fast forward a few years.  My life was super jam packed with ‘STUFF’. From the outside looking in I lived a pretty full life. I lived in a bustling city, I was studying and spending time with friends. My external world seemed to reflect exactly what it ‘should’. My internal world however, was full to the brim with overwhelm, self-doubt, confusion and anxiety. I was my own worst enemy, constantly judging myself and others. I was criticising every choice, and self-sabotaging. I constantly felt restless and unsettled and didn’t know what I needed to feel happy and content. 

So, what changed I hear you say?  (...A lot happened in between, but we can save that for later)I turned inwards and began to look at all the ways I was showing up to my world that were not working for me. I began see that I was playing a part. It took a lot of courage and hard work to own that as my truth and to recognise that I was my own worst enemy (self-hate) and it was up to me to become my own best friend (Self-love).  After some deep soul searching, travel, trying new things, and doing everything that I love that's when things began to shift.


I discovered that living a life you love comes only when you align yourself fully with the things that light you up and bring meaning to your life

And...that love is not something that can be found outside of yourself, it’s something that grows when you connect to yourself and a life that has meaning.

And so now?  I practice self-love everyday, I practice loving all parts of myself in each moment of the day no matter what is happening in my external reality. I discovered that it was my choice to accept and forgive or continue to judge and criticise myself.  I am here to inspire you on your path, to provide you with what you need to shine your light on the world, through the power of self-love.  


A little more about me...

I believe that radical self love is the most potent elixir and medicine on earth. Love yourself fiercely and the world will love you back.

 I believe we are the creator of our reality. What we are, our reality becomes. Change you. Change your world. Change the world.

I believe in transparency. Be honest. Be so honest. Honesty and transparency leaves no one in the dark.

I believe in following the trail of our curiosities. The heart knows the way. It has the answer to what you desire. 

I believe in seeking truth, nothing but the truth. Truth being, your truth. The truth of your own unique expression.

Embrace yourself. Embrace self-love. Are you ready?

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